Blood Brothers Book

Blood Brothers

a memoir of faith and loss while raising two sons with cancer

In Blood Brothers, Lisa Solis DeLong has written a powerful and wrenching story about the loss of her beloved son Justin just after his fifteenth birthday to leukemia and the medical journey of her second son Jacob, diagnosed with the same disease. Lisa reveals her heart and her feelings about what she and her family have been through but never descends into self-pity. As Jacob survives and thrives, and this remarkable family goes on with their life, her narrative is suffused with love and deep faith. She takes up ballroom dancing, which becomes a metaphor for going on with life, and she writes,

“I felt light and airy and ultra-feminine, which was rare in my world of mother, wife, and caregiver…I was so happy I hardly recognized myself”; With her honesty and unwavering gaze at what she’s been through, deepened by her training and experience as a nurse, Lisa’s beautiful book offers not only tears but also hope. –Barbara Abercrombie, UCLA writing instructor, author of Writing Out the Storm and Courage & Craft.