From heart to head & back again

From Heart To Head & Back Again

... a Journey Through the Healthcare System

From Heart to Head & Back Again…a journey through the healthcare system is a provocative work that is part manifesto, part autobiography, and part manual. This is a transparent view into transformative conversations with my quality improvement teams as a health care leader and moving conversations with my clinicians, my bride, and my children as a seriously ill patient. These diverse but synergistic perspectives offer the reader a glimpse into the “how to’s” of building a care model that has the potential to reduce costs, boost outcomes, and transform our healthcare system from a place that too easily harms to a place that heals the heart, body, and spirit. This book includes reflection and discussion questions after every chapter and is a “must-read” for all healthcare professionals and leaders journeying to improve the quality of care of their patients and quality of life for themselves.