Leading hArtfully

Leading hArtfully

The Art of Leading Through Your Heart to Discover the Best in Others

Transform Workplaces and Lives: A Leadership Book that Goes from “How to LEAD” to “How to BE”

Most leadership development books teach readers “how to lead,” but for acclaimed leadership coach and consultant Diane Rogers, that’s not enough. In her debut book, Leading hArtfully: The Art of Leading Through Your Heart to Discover the Best in Others, she shines a light on what’s missing from a leadership strategy that draws upon a conventional authoritarian “leader-as-expert” focus and offers the distinct opportunity to leverage the strengths and magnificence within your employees and colleagues. Diane shows you how to BE your best leader self to bring out and discover the best in them.

Leading hArtfully is a book about the art and the heart (aka “hArt”) of leadership. It’s an invitation to bring your best self forward in transformative ways to discover and leverage the best in others — in your work and in your everyday life. Diane explains that “Getting to the heart and art of leading, finding your flow, elevating the eloquence and grace within you, and connecting — at the heart level — with each individual is an experience not to be missed. It holds the possibility of a most magnificent journey of leading others.”

Energizing Stories and a Proven Pathway to Achieving Higher Levels of Organizational Performance and Individual Engagement

Diane Rogers has uncovered a powerful formula for leading in a way that matters far beyond the demands of operational and organizational objectives — in a way that has “change-a-world” potential. Take a journey with Diane through her own story, “told with a refreshing and searing honesty that invites leaders to look into the mirror of reflection on their own experiences” (Laura R. Atwood, MCC, President of Adler Learning USA) to achieve new individual and organizational potentials.

A leadership memoir unlike any other, Leading hArtfully invites a change to the way you show up to work each day and sparks the possibility of an immediate, productive, and meaningful contagious change within your organization and beyond.

A Jolt of Energy for Leaders Caught in the Status Quo

Perhaps you’re an emergency medicine physician who has taken care of patients for decades, and your competence is above reproach … but, truth be told, you’ve lost touch with the magic of the little moments you create that help patients feel seen, safe, cared for, hopeful, and respected.

Or maybe you’re a marketing executive in a fast-paced agency or Fortune 500 company, where your work is admired, but your leadership style isn’t making you any friends. You bark out orders, strive for perfection, and produce deliverables that “wow.” Your employees feel unappreciated, dismissed, and even invisible.

Whether you work in finance or technology, healthcare, retail, communications, education, or professional services, Leading hArtfully offers a mindset shift and practical applications that positively impact organizational performance, individual well-being, and employee engagement.

Complete with practical frameworks, practices, and principles you can learn today and apply tomorrow.