With well over thirty-five years of extensive healthcare leadership experience, Tom is a voice for relationship-centered and compassionate care, servant leadership, and quality and systems improvement.

Tom and the Dahlborg HealthCARING Leadership Group positions leaders (in healthcare and beyond) to engage heart and mind in all they do so that they are well-positioned to embrace and embody compassion, care, and love while leveraging science and evidence, to honor their callings and achieve betterment for all.

An author, leader, and advisor, he is also an internationally recognized speaker and writer with an expertise in healthCARING models, heart and mind communication, courageous vulnerability, systems thinking and improvement, stopping bullying, adverse childhood experiences (ACES), and bringing “love in action” to all we do.

He is a father, husband, and coach. A coach to healthcare leaders. And a coach to young men.

Tom’s book, The Big Kid and Basketball … and the lessons he taught his Father and Coach, focuses on bullying, resiliency, parenting, coaching, faith, family, and love, and has led to international speaking engagements changing hearts, minds, and methods in youth sports and schools for the betterment of children and families.

He is also a contributor to the book, Bullied Back to Life, published in the U.K., focusing on how victims of bullying have used their experiences to fuel their success, and how you can too.

And a contributor to the Amazon bestselling book, Highway to Heart, Humor, and Honesty in Healthcare, a book for healthcare providers, patients, and family members who desire to understand how to better connect and improve healthcare for all.

Tom’s latest book, the multiple award-winning, From Heart to Head & Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system, is a call to action serving to bring people together, who truly have the wisdom, the character, the integrity, the energy, the passion, and the heart, to make a difference, to be grateful, to do what is right, to lead and to serve, and to make a positive impact for others in healthcare and beyond.

Tom believes at the end of the day it is all about love and impact.

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Contact Tom at 207-747-9663 or at DahlborgHLG@gmail.com.