With forty years of extensive healthcare leadership experience, Tom is a voice for relationship-centered and compassionate care, servant leadership, and quality and systems improvement.

“Tom epitomizes integrity.” – Debbie Ritchie, President, Studer Group

A leader and advisor, Tom is also an internationally recognized speaker and writer with an expertise in healthCARING models, heart and mind communication, courageous vulnerability, systems thinking and improvement, stopping bullying, amplifying positive childhood experiences, and bringing “love in action” to all we do.

“Everyone has said that you were inspirational and gave them a new outlook on healthcare.” – Darlene Cunha, CNO, Mercy Health System, Springfield, MA

Tom’s multiple award-winning book, From Heart to Head & Back Again … a journey through the healthcare system, is a call to action serving to bring people together to make a positive impact for others in healthcare and beyond.

“The stories and reflections in these pages not only inspire us, they show us what real caring looks like in action. They show that, even with the challenges our system faces, there are so many ‘flames of goodness’ in healthcare. It’s up to us as leaders to keep those flames burning bright.”
— Quint Studer, founder of Healthcare Plus Solutions Group

His other multiple award-winning book, The Big Kid and Basketball … and the lessons he taught his Father and Coach, focusing on bullying and resiliency, has led to significant youth sport and school system improvements and improved child experience and well-being.

“You will leave Tom’s presentation with an understanding that we’re all in this together and when given a chance to have a positive impact on a young person’s life, take it! You’ll be glad that you did.” – Cindy Hazelton, Director, Gorham Parks and Recreation, Maine

Tom brings practical, tangible, impactful tools married with love, compassion and caring to transform healthcare to healthCARING and to improve the health and well-being of all children.

He is a father, husband, and coach. A coach to healthcare leaders. And a coach to young men and women.

Tom believes at the end of the day it is all about Love and Impact.

Contact Tom at 207-747-9663 or at Tom@DahlborgHLG.com.