Uniting and Engaging Employees – An Artistic Masterpiece

Sue Murphy

Chief Experience Officer
University of Chicago Medical Center

Sue Murphy serves as the Chief Experience Officer at UChicago Medicine (UCM) for the past 9 years.  Sue is a highly skilled professional and subject matter expert with a significant and demonstrated track record of leading successful efforts to improve patient experience in complex healthcare organizations. Serving as CXO, Sue is both a visionary and pragmatic leader with experience and expertise in service excellence strategy, program development, metrics, and benchmarking. In her role, the CXO is responsible for designing and overseeing the implementation of an integrated, comprehensive strategy. As the CXO, Sue serves as the most senior service excellence/patient experience leader.  This supports the effort to define and promote a distinctive UCM patient experience culture by developing a seamlessly integrated strategy at a health system level and associated programs in collaboration with system-level leaders, senior leaders, faculty, departmental leaders, staff, patients, and family members. Sue serves as the role model for UCM’s mission as well as an advocate for the “voice of the patient” in all UCM endeavors, providing strategic leadership for the development of sustainable programs that foster experience excellence, empathy, and compassion, as well as, patient and family engagement.