Diane Rogers has a diverse background and a big heart, both of which power a simple and focused mission — to inspire individuals and organizations to harness the strengths and magnificence of people so, together, they can achieve higher levels of organizational performance and individual engagement.

Founder and president of Contagious Change, LLC, Diane is best known for her breakthrough programs for healthcare organizations, where she has long been a trusted coach — sought after for her ability to inspire strengths-based leadership behaviors among healthcare professionals who want to optimize performance, experience, and engagement.

In a word, Diane’s approach to leading and inspiring others is collaborative. In everything she does, she endeavors to leave her stakeholders feeling like their best selves — motivated and excited to engage and energize others. In a cluttered business marketplace of leadership coaches and consultants, Diane brings something refreshing and vital. She is more than a coach, a leadership consultant, and a quality and performance improvement expert; she is a masterful relationship builder who demonstrates, at every turn, the impact of bringing your best self forward in transformative ways to discover and leverage the best in others.

Diane is frequently called upon by leadership teams to do the important work of developing and coaching leaders, improving quality and performance, leading and implementing organizational change, and transforming workplace cultures.

Diane has built her coaching and consulting practice upon a rich background, with a diverse history of demonstrated leadership positions across multiple industries, including healthcare, software IT, aerospace, and nuclear power. As a professional coach, she holds PCC-level certification from the International Coaching Federation as well as several certificates in positive psychology.

She is a dynamic, energetic speaker who offers keynotes and presentations of all kinds, as well as summits, seminars, and group coaching.