What They Want, We Need – 3 Easy Steps Toward Improving Both the Patient and Provider Experience

( 26:53 )

Breaking Bad News-Helping Families When They Need Us the Most
Orsini, Anthony
Author, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Presenter, Doctor
The Orsini Way


The two biggest topics facing healthcare today are patient experience and professional burnout. More than ever, patients have become educated consumers and are demanding both excellent care and a good experience. Professional burnout among healthcare providers is at an all-time high resulting in increased nursing turnover and considerable strain on the healthcare system. The Covid Crises has only luminated what was already a crises. Traditional attempts to improve patient experience and increase wellness of our healthcare professionals have not yielded the results we had hoped.

In this presentation, Dr. Orsini offers a single solution to both issues: Relationship Building.
He provides practical communication techniques that will help healthcare professionals quickly build trusting relationships with patients and team members.. Learn how humans communicate and how we as healthcare professionals can be reminded of the reasons, we entered the healing profession in the first place. Find out the secret to improving both the patient and the providers experience and well-being.