Storytelling: A Pebble Creating Waves of Gratitude Across the Organization

( 49:13 )

Bob Page
President & Chief Executive Officer
The University of Kansas Health System
Tammy Peterman MS, RN, FAAN
President, Kansas City Division
The University of Kansas Health System


Stories of the amazing work taking place across our organizations come from many sources.  Within the healthcare setting, they come in letters from grateful patients, observations by co-workers, rounding on staff and patients, and conversations in the community, to name a few.  Effectively shared within and outside of the organization, these stories convey the gratitude of patients, families, leaders, community members and the team.  They describe what is honored and valued within the culture and set the standards for others to achieve. They spread almost organically across the organization, bringing joy and a sense of purpose. Well placed and well done, they inspire people to recommit to the organization and attract others with whom the story’s message resonates.

Attendees will learn the essential role of leaders in the storytelling process and the key elements of storytelling;

  • capturing the essential information
  • framing that information through the filter of the organizational culture,
  • matching the form of the story to its purpose
  • integrating the story, the storyteller and the audience in a way that evokes appreciation and pride in the important work taking place

This presentation will also provide insights on how to tell stories with specific purposes in mind.

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