Be the Leader Nobody Wants to Leave

( 27:10 )

kristin baird 
Baird, Kristin
RN, BSN, MHA, President & CEO
Baird Group


Research shows that people leave their managers not their jobs. Why? because managers are often promoted based on technical skills and lack the leadership skills needed to excel in their new role.

This session challenges participants to re-examine assumptions about turnover while exploring low-cost, no-cost steps to improve retention.

Turnover is nothing new but add a pandemic and you have a prescription for disaster. The rate and cost of turnover is stifling and impacts morale, productivity, quality, and service. This session takes an honest look at the numbers, then focuses on what leaders can do to create and sustain a more engaged, loyal workforce even in the face of a pandemic.

Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA –  thought leader and healthcare consultant specializing in culture, engagement, and leadership delivers practical, applicable leadership tips to strengthen engagement and improve retention.

Healthcare organizations are lean. There is no excess staff to pull from when someone leaves. Plus, the time to hire a qualified individual averages 81 days – far beyond the average two-week notice. And, the cost of turnover is 1/2- 2X times the annual salary per individual while the labor pool of qualified candidates is smaller than ever. That’s why it makes sense to retain the good employees you have right now. 

Baird examines the cost of turnover beyond financials, to show how it affects quality, safety, service, and reputation.  From there, she’ll focus on what can be done to retain your existing staff by keeping them engaged and invested in the organization. She’ll show you how to be the leader nobody wants to leave.

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