Creating Cultures of Caring in Healthcare

( 38:45 )

Creating Cultures of Caring in Healthcare
Thompson, Renee
CEO & Founder
Healthy Workforce Institute


In hospitals across the globe, we are seeing an alarming increase in workplace stress and cruelty. There is infighting among staff, tension between shifts and new employees and float staff not being supported. Worse yet, healthcare professionals are airing their frustrations in front of patients, which increases patient anxiety and interferes with their recovery.

Our research shows that disruptive behaviors show up in four common ways:

  1. Yelling, criticizing, gossiping, and arguing in patient care areas
  2. Treating float, travelers, and agency in an unsupportive, disrespectful manner
  3. Wars between the day shift and the night shift
  4. Eating our young

As healthcare professionals, we have an opportunity to shape the culture of our workplace. After all, it’s the PEOPLE and how they treat each other that determine the culture. It’s time to shift from cultures of cruelty and disrespect to cultures of caring where everyone is nurtured, supported, and treated with respect.

In this presentation, you will discover healthy workforce best practice initiatives embraced by the most respected hospitals today. Each initiative is designed to address one of the four most common ways disruptive behaviors show up in healthcare. This presentation gives you the tools YOU need to address those behaviors so that you can create a culture of caring within your department.

The good news is by adopting a culture of caring, we are witnessing incredible transformations of workplace environments in hospitals all across the country!


  1.  Equip employees with four (4) nurse-led initiatives to address common disruptive behaviors
  2. Learn 5 ways to become a better co-worker

By acknowledging the challenges that exist and taking conscious action, a culture of caring is possible.