Creating World-Class Employee Engagement In Healthcare

( 27:42 )

Creating World-Class Employee Engagement In Healthcare
Sheridan, Kevin
Keynote Speaker & Employee Engagement and Virtual Management Expert


To become the best in the healthcare industry, it is essential to employ the best people. But how do healthcare employers build a staff that is ready and able to help the organization reach the next level? Answer: Build a “Magnetic Culture” to engage their workforce.

Kevin Sheridan, Chief Engagement Officer at Kevin Sheridan International, authored Building a Magnetic Culture, a book that has hit six best-seller lists, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The Studer Family Of Companies is proud to host Mr. Sheridan as he shares his expertise on how to draw talented employees to the workplace, empower them, and sustain an environment in which they are more likely to stay. He will also discuss the power of creating an engaged culture by sharing the responsibility for personal engagement between employees and management.

Key takeaways for attendees will include:
• What is a Magnetic Culture In Healthcare, and why is it important?
• A new definition of Employee Engagement In Healthcare.
• The concept of Joint Ownership for Employee Engagement.
• How to “recast” great employees in the right jobs.
• The importance of eliminating inertia.
• How a FUN workplace leads to an engaged workforce.
• Tips and proven best practices on the top drivers of engagement.

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