The Journey to Well-Being: Developing a Total Well-Being Strategy in a Healthcare Organization

( 32:14 )

Nicole Stec MBA, CPH, CWP
Well-Being Banner Health


In January 2020, Banner Health launched their new well-being strategy called MyWell-Being with the mission to empower team members to be their best selves. Little did they know how important their new strategy would be with a global pandemic to come only a few months later. The strategy’s holistic approach encourages team members to focus on five pillars of well-being: MyGrowth, MyHealth, MyWealth, MyPurpose and MyCommunity, and recognizes that well-being is more than just one’s physical health. Employee well-being has become a mission critical aspect of healthcare, as all healthcare organizations seek to minimize the effects of stress and support team members suffering from burnout.

In this session, participants will learn how to design and implement a holistic well-being strategy for healthcare organizations supporting the physical, mental, financial and social aspects of well-being; support the healing and recovery of their employees; and collaborate and integrate with existing partners and offerings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to effectively design and implement a holistic well-being strategy.
  • Learn how to go beyond traditional EAP to support the mental health of employees.
  • Learn how to develop sustainable initiatives and partnerships within your organization to promote well-being, including financial wellness, emotional well-being solutions and wellness technology.
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