Gratitude in an Era of Compassion Fatigue

( 22:09 )

Your Emotional Intelligence fuel tank and how it is being depleted without you even knowing it.
Haas, Brian
Hospitalist and Physician Leader
Envision Physician Services


Compassion fatigue has reached new levels with the COVID-19 Pandemic stretching well into its third year. Healthcare workers have been faced with incredible new criticisms that balk in the face of true science. Citizens have turned to social media and politicians for health advice, and many of these groups have had an incredibly negative impact on healthcare employees. When the patient that has overdosed on Ivermectin is now in the hospital, because they read on social media that there was a conspiracy to withhold this lifesaving medication; so they went and purchased it from a veterinarian under false pretenses. It is difficult to have compassion for this patient especially when they continue to believe that you as the caregiver in the hospital is withholding vital medication.

Join me as we take a look into the psychology of these misguided thoughts and I will give you a better understanding of the reasons why healthcare workers have compassion fatigue and how we can best combat this energy drain, so that we can treat patients with gratitude and compassion.

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