How The Human Connection Improves Healthcare

( 10:12 )

Breaking Bad News-Helping Families When They Need Us the Most
Anthony Orsini
Author, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Presenter, Doctor
The Orsini Way


How do we find verification in complex fields, such as medicine? Does our affirmative knowledge derive from vast statistics and justified intelligence or from genuine relationships and quality communication? Dr. Orsini discusses the most vital aspect of healthcare interventions — the communication between the physician and patient. With medicine as the primary focus of healthcare innovation, meaningful physician-to-patient rapport is often a neglected component of healthcare. Dr. Orsini advocates for improved patient and physician communication, explaining that meaningful relationships are the catalyst for change in the healthcare atmosphere. He emphasizes that medicine is more than combating and preventing illness. Even more so, an attentive and relational physician improves the patient experience and promotes continual growth in the medical field.

Dr. Anthony Orsini is a Practicing Physician, author, podcast host, and frequent speaker. He Founded The Orsini Way and has developed communication training programs used by medical schools and residency programs around the country. Through his interactive workshops and unique coaching, he has trained thousands of senior physicians, nurses, and practitioners on how to enhance their patient’s overall experience and become more fulfilled with their own lives. Dr. Anthony Orsini is a practicing physician, author, and frequent speaker on the topic of effective and compassionate communication in medicine and business.

He is the author of the book It’s All in the Delivery-Improving Healthcare Starting with a Single Conversation and host of the podcast “Difficult Conversations- Lessons I Learned as an ICU Physician.”

As President and Founder of The Orsini Way, Dr. Orsini has trained thousands of healthcare providers, first responders, and business leaders on how to build trusting relationships through better communication. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at