Extreme Onboarding! How to Change Your Culture By Empowering New Hires to Help Reconnect Your Veteran Employees Back to Purpose

( 43:37 )

Creating a Culture of Gratitude
Poore, Jake
President & Chief Experience Officer
Integrated Loyalty Systems


Most healthcare organizations have experienced huge employee turnover in the past two years. Many are struggling with up to 40% turnover, so with four out of every ten team members being new, this is an excellent opportunity to enable them to help change your entire culture.

New employees should be treated exactly like we want them to treat patients, but if you’re like most other healthcare organizations today, your new employee orientation program is what new recruits refer to as, “The guest speaker death march”, or “50 ways to lose your job!” It is 50 pounds of information spraying at them like a fire hose for 8 straight hours… washing over them at best, but eroding their reason for joining at worst.  Recruiters say that it costs on average $84,000 to recruit a new nurse in America. So if that nurse quits within their first 90 days, you just lost $84,000 dollars per nurse!

So what can we do instead?  Create extreme onboarding: an experience where the new employee feels welcomed, armed with tools to be empowered, and leaves charged and ready to be an ambassador for positive change for the organization.