Strategic Resilience: How to Overcome a Lack of Gratitude Towards Healthcare Providers and Supporting Organizations

( 49:07 )

Kaufman, Nate
Kaufman, Nate
Managing Director & Founder
Kaufman Strategic Advisors, LLC


The economy of the United States Healthcare System has recently edged out Germany as the fourth-largest economy in the world. Like most large economies, the US Healthcare System is replete with politics, complexities, and cycles that impact various publics.

The healthcare industry has always been quick to embrace new concepts and policies for delivering and financing care, such as ‘population health’ and the ‘move to value.’ Unfortunately, while most of these ideas sounded good in theory, they failed in practice, and many early adopters paid a heavy price. This presentation provides a factual framework for current and future market conditions.

Today, health systems, physicians, and other healthcare providers face unprecedented headwinds, including hyperinflation in employment and supply expenses, economic pressures from powerful commercial payers, and grossly underfunded government reimbursement.

To be successful, an organization must operate with STRATEGIC RESILIENCE.
That is: To be free of denial, nostalgia, and hubris; successfully anticipate and prepare for and respond to incremental change, and sudden disruptions; and avoid the latest fast and strategic and operational mistakes.