Looking Around the Corner: What’s Ahead in Healthcare?

( 29:25 )

Paul Keckley
Managing Editor/Partner
The Keckley Report and The Keckley Group


Life after the pandemic” is around the corner, but the healthcare market we knew pre-pandemic will be fundamentally changed as a result. Clinical care will transition from patient-focused to person centered wherein ‘whole person care’ is the focus. Emergent technologies will alter how and where care services are provided and by whom. The role of private capital in the system will be bigger, accelerating innovation and expanding competition in every sector. And the regulatory environment will create new constraints on how incumbents operate and new entrants gain access to markets.

In healthcare, life after the pandemic is not a new normal marked by incremental improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. It’s fundamentally a different system of health in which the financing and delivery of services is integrated and the scale significantly greater.