Outstanding Leadership is a Choice

( 21:26 )

linda deering dean
Dean, Linda Deering
Executive Coach & National Speaker


Those of us who are in positions of leadership, have a great responsibility to lead well. Studies prove that successful organizations happen because of effective leadership. Conversely, unsuccessful organizations, as evidenced by the achieved outcomes, typically have weak and variable leadership.

If you’re anything like me, you want to be the best leader possible. Yet perhaps you’ve discovered that being a great leader isn’t as easy as it looks. The good news is that if we’re willing to learn, be coached and change behaviors, each of us can become a great leader.

Today’s message is about my journey of learning and changing. I’ll share a couple of tips that really matter. While they may sound simple, they aren’t easy to implement, because behavior change is hard. However, great leadership is simply a choice. Just say yes!