Practicing the Power of the Pause: Disrupting Bias to Show Gratitude and Respectful Empathy

( 37:39 )

vincent brown
Brown, Vincent
President & CEO
V. Randolph Brown Consulting


What needs to be done to unleash the gratitude one feels for one’s team, one’s leaders, and oneself? To develop respectful empathy, not sympathy?

We’re human, so we’re biased. It’s that simple. Research shows that it is possible to disrupt our implicit biases, control our mindsets, and change our behavior toward others who may be different from ourselves. The secret is to optimize individual and team performance by harnessing the gratitude we feel, the Intrinsic Inclusion™ we are capable of, and by practicing the Power of the Pause. In this session, Vincent will reinforce the “why” we must model this behavior and then demonstrate how.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion