There’s a Snake on My Head! Strategies for Alleviating Fear and Anxiety in Healthcare

( 38:53 )

Mindy G Spigel RN, MSN, CPXP
Speaker, Consultant, Coach


Everyday people enter our health care settings and they are afraid. Their fears may vary but they are present. While people are afraid, they are unable to hear what we are telling them and to be their very best selves. In this presentation, Mindy will share the results of her research on patient fears and most of all, the most important things we can do to minimize their fear. It is Mindy’s belief that as we minimize patient fears, it reminds us of why we went into health care in the first place and replenishes our joy. Mindy will also explore times when the health care team members may be afraid, the impact that may have on their effectiveness and ways to minimize their fear.

Patient Experience