Stressed! Who me? Selfcare for the Selfless

( 33:55 )

Stressed! Who me? Selfcare for the Selfless
Jazwiec, Liz
President and Founder


In this important and timely presentation, Liz will focus on the importance of self-care as a critical and necessary survival skill for all of us deemed “essential workers.” As practiced and skilled that we are in helping others, often we are not so great at helping ourselves. In fact, often just the term self-care brings up feelings of discomfort and guilt. All participants will benefit from tactics and techniques shared in order to recognize stress in its early stages, implement both emotional and physical self-care strategies and most importantly keep ourselves from sliding into negative self-destructive habits. She concludes with a straightforward approach to the importance of our collaboration with others in fostering a healthy work environment by focusing on our strengths as individuals as well as the abilities of our teams


  • Discover the importance of self-care as a necessary practice.
  • Acquire strategies in managing stress.
  • Discuss the impact of replacing guilt with pride.
Employee Wellbeing