Steady Hands, Warm Heart, Can’t Lose: The Amazing Ways Caregivers Reduce Patient and Family Anxiety

( 36:03 )

James Atwood
Atwood, Jeff
Author, Speaker and Healthcare Leader
Need to Know


Visiting a doctor’s office or being a patient in the hospital can often produce significant anxiety for both a patient and their family members. Healthcare providers and hospital staff meet people in challenging times when nerves and anxiety can be at their worst. Jeff Atwood is familiar with all that this anxiety and fear can bring, both as the father of a disabled child with chronic health challenges and as an executive for two national healthcare systems. In this session Jeff will share both “Why” this anxiety-removing compassion is invaluable and “How” it can be delivered. He will share firsthand experiences and examples of ways that caregivers removed anxiety for he and his family during life and death situations and why that kindness and compassion shown to his daughter and family was truly lifechanging. He will also share additional tools and techniques that caregivers can use to provide peace of mind and reduce anxiety for patients and their family members.

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