Magnificence – The Magic within the Moments that Matter

( 35:36 )

Uniting and Engaging Employees – An Artistic Masterpiece
Rogers, Diane
Contagious Change, LLC


Yep, you guessed it! The magic within the moments that matter is the people in healthcare: The remarkable individuals that have chosen this most noble profession of caring for others. And while this may be (intellectually) known to be true, uncovering their magnificence – bringing awareness to, and acknowledging, the essence of their best self – is perhaps not something that comes naturally, and possibly not consciously, intentionally or consistently.

Learn from healthcare leaders who comfortably, confidently, and competently uncover the magnificence within their workforce, bringing clarity and specificity to the strengths, characteristics and qualities present within the ‘who’ (the individual) to foster engagement, increase performance and amplify wellBEING.

And yes, again you’ve guessed it – in doing so, they (re)discovered their magnificence – the essence of their best leader self and the magic it holds in leading others – hArtfully, authentically, and joyfully.

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