Trauma: “I’m Fine!”

( 31:37 )

Trauma: “I’m Fine!”
Ketelsen, Lyn
KLK Leading Change Inc.


In this session, Lyn will bring to life the underbelly of how clinicians, providers, and leaders have been culturized to suppress the trauma we deal with daily. We will discover how to redefine not only our definition of trauma, but also come to realize that without acknowledging what trauma really is, we only delay the inevitable cost. We will seek to understand that even prior to 2020 and the obvious traumas that are being endured, our teams came into that without awareness of the traumatic emotional injuries that they carry from what we might believe are “normal” events. “Just part of the job”. Without relooking at how we think of trauma we will continue to deny that it exists and can’t serve to help heal our teams, our families, and most importantly, ourselves. We will seek to identify those aspects of yourself that can aid in healing and allow us to move forward even as the catastrophic events of today that still loom large.

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