Healing the Healers : Ways to Revive, Replenish & Reinvigorate your Team!

( 38:46 )

Telehealth: How to make virtual visits R.E.A.L!
Mehta, Swati
Adult Hospitalist and Executive Director of Quality & Patient Experience


The past 3 years , healthcare has been shaken from its roots by 2 pandemics- COVID & Burn Out. Our workforce needs rejuvenation, a sense of belonging and for leaders to deploy tangible tools & methods in order to salvage their teams trust, retain talent & scale the uphill mountain of piecing back healthcare. Learn ways to engage your team utilizing 6H model and R.I.S.E checklist created by Dr. Swati Mehta.


  • HealthCare Leaders & Managers will learn about the 6H Framework with easy to deploy tactics to engage their team & foster team wellbeing.
  • Learn how the “R.I.S.E from burn out” Checklist is an easy way to spark conversations in department meetings & build transparency, culture & joint purpose.
  • How do we truly define a “Wellness Champion” & ways to empower this role in order to sustain the journey from survive to Thrive!
Employee Wellbeing