What do Healthcare, Sports and the Pandemic have in common?

( 38:26 )

Shannon Heard
Regional Vice President
Aramark Healthcare +


As a respected leader in the Healthcare industry, Shannon Heard has perfected a winning strategy to drive teams toward successful outcomes for everyone he and his team serve; client partners, caregivers and especially patients- during one of the most challenging times in history. The global pandemic magnified touchpoints in an already demanding environment. Having a strong leader with clear vision and a methodical plan was the only way through. Beginning with the end in mind, Shannon forged ahead as he’s done for over 25 years – steadfast, guiding principles in hand.

Join this leader as he shares his secret to achieving and exceeding professional and personal goals by using proven strategies he learned as an athlete. There is a reason Shannon has been a multi-year award recipient as a top performer at Aramark Healthcare +. His strategy is guided by empathy and genuine interest for the team he leads and the people they serve.

Through this incredible leadership philosophy, Shannon has delivered on commitments and gone above and beyond to inspire a team to do more… for their client partner, for patients and for each other. The results are plain to see – take care of the team and the team will take care of the work. In turn, everyone along the continuum of care benefits.

Don’t miss your chance to learn the key components of his ‘playbook’ and inspirational leadership so that you can lead your teams to this same level of satisfaction, engagement, and success!

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